The 5 Most Common Gift Buying Mistakes Men Make


So, you have gone shopping and picked up (according to you) the most perfect gift for her birthday/ anniversary/ Valentine’s Day. You are convinced that she is going to love it. Heck, you have spent a small fortune on it and more time that you normally would. Will she like it? She’d better like it!

Cut to the big day and her big moment. You try to appear nonchalant but your insides are churning as you watch her tear open the wrapping and pull out the contents. It’s her birthday and she had secretly hoped for a diamond engagement ring. But, you didn’t know that because you were not clued in to the signs she was giving. But what does she have here in her hands? A very fancy, high-tech, apps-loaded mobile phone. In vain your anxious eyes scan her face for that elusive radiant smile and a bear hug. Let’s tip-toe quietly out of the room now and not be a witness to his debacle.

If the scene sounds familiar, then take heart. You are not alone. Scores of men set out, clueless and misguided, about what it is that women really want when it comes to gifts and presents and surprises. The bottom line is that when it comes to buying a gift for that special woman for a special occasion, a bulging wallet or your instincts are not always the best guides.

Here are the 5 most common gift buying mistakes that men make when shopping for presents for their women:

1. Buying a gift in the wrong size. The most common mistake ever. Don’t assume you know her size. She may not be as fat or thin as she looks. One of the cleverest ways to address this tricky dilemma is to go shopping with her one day. Listen carefully to what she asks the sales girl. The colours she asks for and, most importantly, the size. Whether the gift you have planned is clothes, lingerie or even jewellery, you have to get her size right.

2. Buying a present for yourself that masquerades as a gift for her. Worst offender. Imagine giving her a home theatre system and then remaining glued to it yourself evening after evening. Or, getting her the latest gizmo in mobile phones, operating which is tougher than navigating a spacecraft, and spending hours playing games on it yourself. Or, on a different plane, you may be secretly fantasising about seeing the love of your life wearing erotic lingerie, but be sure that it is something that she will like in the first place.

3. Being unimaginative or repeating last year’s gift. Terrible. Couldn’t you use your imagination just a little bit? What this tells her is that this bloke is just too lazy to make the effort to get her something meaningful and thoughtful. Let your creative juices flow. Keep her personality in mind and, yes, steer clear of bargain basements.

4. Buying presents that are best left to her. In other words, don’t buy her something that a woman should only get for herself. Such as clothes and shoes. Are you fashion-savvy? Have you kept abreast of the latest style trends? Can you differentiate one shade of blue from another or do colours baffle you? If you have answered ‘no’, then, you are not qualified to buy her clothes!

5. Getting fooled by her protestations not to get her a present. Beware of this honeyed trap! Many an unsuspecting man has fallen for this one. Probably out of guilty relief, if truth be told! But, even if she has asked you not to get her anything, on guard. Never, ever take a woman’s such remarks at face value. It just means that secretly she is expecting you to really redouble your efforts at giving her something wonderful this birthday or anniversary. Yes women are contradictory creatures.

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