Shopping Tips: How to Avoid Identity Theft When Shopping Online


Shopping online can be risky business if you are not using a secure connection. Just by reading through the website, you will see that there are plenty of tips and is plenty of advice on how to shop for certain items for your home. This site arguably provides people with some of the best home and office shopping advice on the World Wide Web right now!

However, when you are using these tips and following up on them to make a purchase online, you should make sure that you do your shopping in a safe online environment. The advice you will find here is very accurate, but at the same time, we would also like to make sure that when you are shopping online, you are doing so in safe and secure way.

  1. Never make orders from a device that is not your own

One of the biggest mistakes people make when shopping online is using someone else’s device to make an order online. The trace that you leave when using someone’s device will be unknown to you. A lot of people have been caught out while travelling in foreign countries when making orders online – especially when they book travel or accommodation.

Many internet cafes in touristy areas know that people will come in to use their computers to book travel services provided online. This usually means entering your own personal information, usernames and passwords, and credit card details.

The computers in some of these internet cafes have been known to purposely have their browsers set to automatically save usernames and passwords. On top of this, the name and address forms are set to save any information people input. This means anyone with access to that device can now access your accounts and they can also use your name and address for identity theft.

Why are we mentioning this?

Because when you use someone else’s device to log on to your accounts or make online transactions, they could have exactly the same settings. This gives them an open door to your name, address, credit or debit cards set up on your accounts and so on.

  1. Use VPN Software When Shopping Online Via Public WiFi

When you are connecting to any internet router that is outside of your home, then you should always use VPN software as a rule of thumb. More importantly, if you are intending in making orders online while connected to a public network such as WiFi in a bar or restaurant, then you should 100% make sure that your connection is as secure as possible.

When you connect using a public router, anyone with access to that router could capture data packets being sent to and from your device. You also stand the risk of having your session hijacked. You may have just ordered a brand-new sofa to be delivered to your home within the next 3 to 5 days, but at the same time someone else has also managed to hack your order details and will be making orders and spending money you don’t know about.

In conclusion, when you are shopping online, you should really only make orders from your home internet connection. That said, we understand that this is not always convenient, especially if you are an impulsive buyer. In this case, try to make sure you connect to a VPN software provider’s connection where your connection will be fully encrypted. For more information, please see prywatność w sieci.

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