Online jewelry stores: 5 recommendations to select best jewelry


We know that jewelry is something classic and widely used by society, but, like any product or service, you need to be calm and patient when choosing. Jewelry, even though it is a luxury item, is considered an investment. Each person has a different style and personality. It is reflected in the jewelry we use as well. Your routine, habits, and tastes will directly influence the way you consume. We have separated 5 aspects that you should pay attention to when buying jewelry from

Know your style

It seems cliché but it makes a total difference when choosing your jewelry. Knowing your style will make it easier to choose a jewel and make sure it suits you. Delicate or robust, with stones or without, yellow or white gold, every detail makes all the difference. Do you already know what your style is? Before choosing your jewelry, you need to define your style.

Pay attention to the value

Jewelry naturally has a higher value because it is a noble metal like gold, sterling silver or titanium. Not counting its stones (being natural or synthetic), all the work of making jewelry generates a certain cost. If the price of the pieces is too cheap, be careful, make sure that the jewels have a quality and guarantee certificate.


Pieces that are not 18k gold are more opaque and lifeless. The jewels with a relevant amount of gold and quality have brightness and sharpness due to their material and polishing form. Stay tuned to choose a genuinely gold piece. Gold jewelry has a natural and intense shine.


The warranty brings complete credibility to the product and the store. When choosing and buying a jewel online, you should receive the guarantee certificate of the piece, which will guarantee that your piece is really an 18k gold jewel, or 925-sterling silver. The added values ​​are dedicated to quality and design, which gives you total security as to the gold content of the jewelry purchased. 

Quality Certificate

Make sure that the parts are authentic. At Nano-Jewelry, when you buy your jewelry, you immediately receive a certificate that guarantees the quality and authenticity of your jewelry. It is important to note that it only works with national suppliers so that it can closely monitor the production of the jewels. 

Now that you know our tips, you are ready to invest in your jewelry. For better assessment, compare the prices online and see the difference in prices. But, avoid buying cheap jewelry online.

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