Knitwear Is a Popular Accessory for Christmas


If you live in the UK and sell apparel, you will do well in selling knitwear, especially during the holidays. This type of warm, comforting clothing can be purchased through manufacturers locally. If you do choose to order clothing items for sale through a production company, you will find that the items are competitively priced.

The Benefits of Working with a Manufacturer

Not only will your customers love what you sell but you will love how the profits start to roll in. Use the services of a quality manufacturer to realise the following benefits:

  • Better and more competitive pricing
  • Shorter lead times (around 14 or 21 days)
  • Minimum order requirements (MOQs) of about 300 pieces per accessory
  • Service adaptability
  • In-house design and sampling services
  • Quality yarns sourced from the UK

Types of Popular Apparel

When you can work with an affordable knitwear manufacturing company in London, you can produce and sell the following types of apparel:

  • Cable knit sweaters
  • Socks
  • A variety of scarves
  • Pearl-stitched clothing

Other Services You Should Seek

Whether you provide a rough design on a piece of paper or supply a more elaborate plan, a quality manufacturer will assist you in achieving profitability and a better bottom line. When choosing a manufacturer, make sure that the business is a leader in the industry.

The company should already be supplying the UK’s High Street retailers as well as start-up companies. Use the services of a company that also provides odour and mould removal, embroidery, and garment processing. Go online today and review full-service manufacturers in your local area.

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