Gift as a ‘Sony Xperia Smartphone’ In Your Upcoming Birthday – Really Awesome!


Sony recently launched its Xperia Z smart phone with a claim that it will steal your heart right away. Like its precedors the Xperia Z continues its screen size and resolution at 5 inches with a display capacity of 1,920×1, 080. The phone comes with a 13 megapixel camera and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. It has more or less all the features that one expects from a Smartphone. But does it really deliver what it promises or is it a damp squib, all promise and no performance?

So let’s start the analysis part. The display boasts of an HD resolution but it is more or less like that of HTC one, nothing different. So we have already seen and experienced it. In fact the larger screen size of the Xperia Z should have provided for better text legibility at such a high resolution. Although it needs to be mentioned that web browsing can be done quite effectively with this phone. One can read what’s on the site without zooming in. The display is large enough for watching movies and especially for playing games. We tried playing some games that requires better resolution for proper playing and Xperia Z quite efficiently passed the test.

The handset is quite huge and might pose a problem to hold if you are carrying an umbrella. But compared to other smart phones the screen isn’t large enough. Such a phone also requires a huge battery that will be able to withstand long hours as it will be used for many other purposes besides the regular incoming and outgoing calls. But compared to the other smart phones available in the market, Xperia Z could not withstand continuous video playback test. It could perform for only 5 hours 48 minutes. The 2,330mAh model battery of this phone will require frequent charging compared to other android phones available in the market as its battery performance is quite below the average.

The phone’s design is simply marvelous and it delivers what it promises. Unlike HTC one’s all aluminum body, the Xperia Z has its front and rear made of glass. They have used Dragon trail glass on the front while the back is made up of Corning Gorilla glass. It looks beautiful to see and touch but if compared to regular usage one will find HTC one’s aluminum finish better has it has round edges which this phone lacks.

The best feature of Xperia Z is that it is safe both against water and dust. So even if your phone falls of in a muddy lane or slips from your jeans and falls in the toilet you don’t need to worry as it will not affect the phone. Moreover the various flaps provided to cover the different ports are rubber sealed as a result they will not break off easily and has a longer life shell.

The operating software used by Xperia Z is Android 4.1 and not the latest 4.2 version available. But Sony has claimed that it will soon make the phone available in 4.2 versions shortly after the phones launch. If they deliver what they are promising then one won’t have to wait long for the advanced screen widgets with the all improved notification bars. In spite of using the older version of Android we have no complaints as the Android runs without any jerks or hiccups. In fact if it is run on dolphin browser rather than the inbuilt chrome, the phone gives a better performance and output.

We are highly impressed by the keyboard features of Sony Xperia Z. They have ensured that the screen is large enough so that when you are typing on the phone it should be easy and a convenient process and not something where it requires effort on part of the individual to type. Although the keyboard features might prove annoying but they have a customizing feature where one can set the keyboard features according to their convenience, so that you can set the punctuation, comma and full stop as per your wish.

The 13 MP camera of Xperia z uses RS sensor which works particularly well in low light and hence their image quality is much better. Even in indoor lighting conditions the phone works just fine.

All in all it is quite a good smart phone and worth a buy

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