Custom printed t-shirts can promote products and business ideas

Getting t shirts custom printed is one of the best ways to promote an event, product, or other business idea. Custom pens are an okay way of getting your name out there, but lets face it, people only take so much notice of pens. A custom printed t shirt, particularly one made out of high quality cotton and with an interesting design, will get much more attention. If you make silk screened shirts that are good looking, durable, and very comfortable to wear, you will be surprised how many people will wear them.
The first time that I ever got custom printed t shirts made was in high school. We were throwing an end of the year battle of the bands, and we wanted to sell some custom screen printed t shirts as a way to celebrate it and remember the event. We did not do it to make money – we barely expected to be able to cover the costs of printing t shirts in the first place! So we were surprised when the shirts really caught on. Although only a few dozen people bought the custom printed t shirts at the event, people were soon approaching me in school and on the street, asking to get a shirt. By the end of the year, we had had to do another run of them. That is how popular they became!
It wasn’t the event that popularized the custom printed t shirts, so much as the context and the design. First of all, they were really good looking shirts, but there was more to it than that. You see, the battle of the bands was one of the last events of our senior year. Even people who hadn’t made it to the show wanted to have the shirts as a memento. Years later, I still sometimes see those custom printed t shirts on the street, sometimes worn by people much younger.
That is when I realized the amount of advertising power that custom t shirts have. For some reason, they are really big in our culture. People love to dress down, and having a unique, custom t shirt is often the best way to do it. A lot of companies try to make their custom printed t shirts look serious and dignified, but this is a mistake. Make something quirky, something that stands out, and people will be wearing it for years to come

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