Clothing retail stores mark prices up 50 to 75%


My sister has always been a big fan of clothing wholesalers. You see, she is a pretty thrifty person and loves a sale on trendy clothes. Although she enjoys shopping at clothing retail stores that sell shoes, she will do anything that she can to save money. Retail clothing stores, after all, cost a lot more to buy clothes at. Your typical top clothing retail store will mark prices up 50 to 75% or more, and that is no lie. If you can buy from clothing wholesale stores, you can probably save a lot of money and have a lot of fun finding clearance and liquidation deals in online stores and at outlet stores in your neighbourhood or local shopping mall.

Nonetheless, womens and mens clothing retail stores have some definite advantages. First of all, there is no guarantee that any particular piece of merchandise will still be in stock in a clothing wholesaler. Buying it at a clothing retail store means that you can quickly, easily browse through their selection and see what is in that day. Clothing lines come and go so quickly that, by the time one gets to the clothing retail stores, another is already being made. It can be difficult to drive down to the clothing retail stores and still manage to call up the clothing wholesalers and order an outfit in time.

That is why I have always been a big fan of designer clothing retail stores. I like them so much, in fact, that I have been thinking of opening a boutique and discount designer retail clothing store. Two of my favorites are Winners and Wal-Mart and I have even been known to visit Value Village looking for nearly new or Vintage Clothing. Many wholesale stores are a lot of fun shopping in and I make regular visits especially to Winners at least once a week to look for deals. I know that clothing retail stores are very difficult to own and operate, but it feels like a dream come true to me. It is a way to indulge my passion for fashion, while making some money and doing what I want. There is no greater joy than being able to make money doing what you love to do.

Of course, starting clothing retail stores is no picnic. You have to get a loan, rent a retail location, market and advertise your products, and make sure that you have the perfect location picked out to try to attract the maximum traffic, location, location, location. None of these are easy things to do, and together the task is almost impossible.

Nonetheless, I have had a chance to talk to a few people who own and operate women’s and men’s clothing retail stores in the last couple months, and those conversations has made me very optimistic. It seems like it is easier to do than some people would have you believe. Clothing retail stores, after all, are much easier to turn a profit on than restaurants. If you can give your store a quirky, unique appearance, you can get people to come to you and check your store out.

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