Back Workouts for Men – 3 Easy Tips and Tricks


We all want a great back. It’s a given if we’re bodybuilders. But, that’s something easier said than done. Working day in and day out on our backs does us no good if we’re not actually correctly targeting the muscles we need to be. If you aren’t getting the results you want then keep reading, because I’m here to help you get a better back with these easy tips from Best Barbells (see resources box below).

Back Workouts for Men – Tip #1 – Squeeze Your Back!

If you haven’t been getting the workout intensity you desire, then it may be because you haven’t been squeezing your back muscles during your workout. It may seem obvious, but you really need to feel the back contract during the workout. Also, at the peak of every rep, you need to squeeze and hold for at least a second. This will emphasize your back muscles and hopefully push you to the next level of aesthetic perfection.

Back Workouts for Men- Tip #2 – Visualize Your Back!

This one may seem silly, but in fact, it isn’t. If you want to become a better bodybuilder, you should take a second before each rep and visualize yourself doing the exercise before you even touch your barbell. In fact, this will allow you to locate and then efficiently work the muscle that you want to. In this case, before you perform your deadlift, or barbell row, you should first try to find your back in your mind’s eye. Close your eyes and visually target the muscle you want to work. This will allow you to more easily contract and emphasize the back like you learned about in tip #1. Familiarizing yourself with your body and it’s anatomy is a great tool for any bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

Back Workouts for Men – Tip #3 – Bodybuilding Straps

In most cases bodybuilding straps aren’t recommended. This is because they take away from valuable forearm workouts for mass that may be taking place. But, if you’re finding that you are having trouble getting the back workout you want then I recommend that you invest in a pair of bodybuilding straps. You can purchase them at your local sporting goods shop or from online retailers like Amazon. They will give you the extra support that your forearms and biceps need in order to keep going longer amounts of time and successfully give your back the workout it needs. It just makes sense, because your back is stronger than your smaller arm muscles and therefore, if you want to work out your back, then the weaker muscles need some help to keep up. Don’t be a victim of early fatigue and don’t lose out on getting a bigger back. Alternatives to bodybuilding straps are isolationist exercises that will workout your forearms and biceps so as to allow a longer workout time. Well, that’s it for now. Best of luck and go get lifting!

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