A Guide to Shopping for the Perfect Bathroom Rug

With its stone tiled floor, the bathroom can become rather chilly, especially during wintertime. Because of this, it is a smart idea to lay down a set of rugs to warm up this important wash area. Rather than just going out and purchasing the first set of mats that you find though, it is important that you think carefully about which models, styles and designs actually fit in with your bathroom interiors. In this article, we will go over a few techniques that you can use when trying to add one of these handy fabric additions to your restroom or toilet.
Size Matters
The first step will be to take some measurements of your bathroom. How large do you want the rug to be? How much space do you actually have? Will a wide mat do or would you prefer a thinner model? Working out the dimensions of your floor space will then narrow down your options when out shopping for rugs later on.
Catering to the Mat User
You will then need to think about who will be using the rug that you buy. Certain features will tailor to specific age groups or room traffic. For example:
Non-slip rugs are suitable for the elderly
Brightly coloured designs are great for kids
Durable fabric is necessary for a busy bathroom
Stylish mats will fit in with private en suites
By thinking about the type of bathroom and the occupant, you can then narrow down your search even further when out shopping.
 Perfect Bathroom Rug
Browse and Enquire
Since there is so much variety available out there when it comes to bathroom mats, there may be some designs that you are unaware of. To expand your horizons, it is a good idea to look over some home interior magazines, in particular the bathroom articles. In this way, you can browse through a rug store catalogue or two so that you get a good idea of what you can actually find out there. This is important so that you can learn about the latest style and design developments in the bathroom mat industry. After all, you will want your home’s washing area to look as beautiful as possible!
Conduct Some Online Research
Once you know of the selection out there, you should go out and have a look at other people’s opinions. Thankfully, you can find plenty of consumer reviews here on the internet, allowing you to have a look at which rugs performed well and which performed poorly in people’s bathrooms. The latter is probably more important as it will give you an idea about the materials and designs to avoid when fitting out your washing and bathing area. Make sure that you go over a few of these opinion pieces in order to better inform yourself about the options that are available in stores.
Shopping for a Better Price
It will now be time to actually go out there and make your purchase. Before you hand over your hard-earned cash though, it will be important to compare what is on offer. Even if you have decided upon a particular brand or style of rug, you may find it on sale at one store at a lower price than the others. This means that you can improve the look and functionality of your bathroom without spending too much in the process. Finding the perfect rug does not have to cost you a fortune if you simply take your time when comparing designs and prices instead. With the sheer diversity available within rug catalogues on the internet, this extra step need not be something too arduous either.

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