7 Amazing Reasons Why Climbing Could Be A Perfect Activity For Kids


Kids are amazing stores of energy. While we sometimes wonder what we can provide them to match their unlimited liveliness, there are indeed certain activities to keep them engaged and let them have great fun. One such activity is climbing. Here are reasons why climbing is a perfect activity for your kids.

1. Satisfaction of Curiosity Without Getting into Trouble

Kids, especially toddlers, love to explore, climb, swing and yes, getting into trouble! Climbers can help kids discover and build new skills without getting in trouble. With a concern for the safety of your toddler and also of your home, you always tell your toddler not to climb. That’s why you buy toddler water table at Step2 Direct.

However, climbing is an important mode of locomotion. Kids should learn this physical skill and spend their unending stock of energy productively, which is offered by the climber toys, along with satisfying children’s natural curiosity and an urge to explore.

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2. Decision Making and Critical Problem Solving

Ascending a climbing path resembles a lot to piecing a puzzle together. Each movement needs a continuous, iterative process of decision-making, where to go and what is the best way to go there. Solving problems while thinking of yourself and making decisions form the skill set that lacks in today’s education where emphasis is given on memorizing and reciting.

During climbing, there is a constant real-time lesson of thinking of yourself, responding quickly and learning instantly about the outcomes of your decisions. Climbing accelerates life as instant feedback is offered for decisions or indecisions you make on the climber.

3. Bravery and Ability to Overcome Difficult Situations

It’s important to overcome fear to get success in life. Whether it’s the fear of unknown, failure or of getting started, all successful people learn as children that you should be daring, bold and courageous to make a major achievement. The activity of climbing helps kids to overcome their fears and they develop the ability to beat difficult situations.

4. Future Rock Climbing

Climbing toys can develop a liking for rock climbing in your kids. Rock climbing is an adventure sport with a low risk in a highly controlled environment. If your kid learns it, s/he will learn many other outdoor skills including route finding, knot tying, rappelling, anchor building, map and compass skills, and more. Therefore the habit of climbing is a good base for a great sport.

5. Healthy Life Choices

Climbing develops flexibility, agility, muscular endurance and muscular strength. It removes laziness, inactivity, obesity and weakness. Climbers are healthy eaters and can easily perform other activities, from yoga and cycling to surfing and dancing.

A successful climber has to eat well, drink water and build a strong, muscular and lean body. Give your children kid climbers at Step2 Directto make them future rock climbers and choose fruits and vegetables instead of greasy chips and sugary desserts, and bicycles instead of video games.

6. Discipline and Focus

Self-discipline and focus are qualities inherent in the greatest achievers in the world. Climbing is a perfect way to offer the basics of discipline because it needs focus and discipline to get success. There is no messing around or multitasking while climbing. So, kids learn to focus on the task at hand and discipline to complete it.

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7. Humbleness

Climbing involves falling, failing and learning to sustain. Learning to preserve in spite of failure is a lesson of life that will be helpful to your kids over and over again, creating humbleness in them.

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