6 tips to choose the jewels of the bride according to your style


If you already have your brand new dress ready and now you are checking bridal hairstyles, then it is time to concentrate on looking for the most appropriate jewels, because the final result will also depend on them.

And if it was difficult for you to choose the wedding rings, continuing with the other accessories can be transformed into a real headache. Whether or not to wear gold ring rings or opt for traditional pearls, whether or not to wear a necklace or if they will fit well with the neckline of the dress. Do you want to avoid it? Review this article with practical tips that will make your life easier when choosing your accessories.

  1. for classic brides

If your illusion is to say yes in a beautiful white dress, with a veil and perhaps also a tail, the advice is to bet on sober and delicate jewels, since your dress will be the main protagonist. Aristos to give a touch of light and chains in silver and platinum, with details in pearls, are ideal to complement the pure white of the most classic dresses that, in many occasions, are accompanied by a beautiful neckline of honor. If that were the case, you can combine finenecklace buy jewelry from midwestjewellery.com, hopefully separated at least 10 centimeters from the neckline, accompanied by small or medium hoops. On the other hand, if your dress is pearly white, gold jewelry will add 10 points to your look.

  1. for story girlfriends

If yours are princess style wedding dresses, then you should worry about choosing the right jewelry. You don’t want to look very ornate and, therefore, a medium-sized necklace will suffice, considering that princess-cut dresses usually wear a sweetheart neckline. Of course, choose round necklaces and not those that fall at the peak, so they do not get lost. And then, if you lean towards collected hairstyles, then take advantage of using longer or slightly more colorful earrings . On the other hand, if you choose a dress of a pink hue, you can opt for pink gold or platinum, as well as diamonds and the result will be a visual delight.

  1. for bohemian brides

These brides usually wear hairstyles with braids and loose hair, usually accompanied by a crown of flowers, so it is convenient to wear discrete jewelry or with a more textile line. It is best to use only hoops or necklace, so as not to go with too much information and that combines perfectly with the hippie chic wedding dress. Of course, bracelets and bracelets woven in copper are complements that are repeated a lot among brides who are inclined to this style. For its part, the double grip earrings have an irresistible bohemian touch.

  1. for vintage brides

If your dress is retro inspired, the jewelry should logically follow in that same direction. Are you looking for a proposal to steal all eyes? Then lean over a 20s-inspired shoulder collar, with which you won’t need anything else to shine. Not even hoops. Another option for vintage brides is to go to the grandmother’s jewelry box and take pieces that harmonize with the wedding dress. It can be a pearl necklace or even an old brooch or pin. Jewel and grid headdresses, meanwhile, are ideal to complement a vintage look.

  1. for modern brides

For those brides who pursue new trends and do not find it difficult to innovate wearing, for example, an asymmetrical cut dress, straight line jewelry will always be a good option. Also, if you are not convinced to wear a traditional necklace, you can opt for a choker with rhinestones, which well combined will look elegant, fashion and super modern. And, on the other hand, if you choose an alternative shade like champagne, the best thing to do will be to complement it with gold jewelry, polished silver and colored gemstones. Note that asymmetric necklines cannot be accompanied by a collar.

  1. for minimalist brides

If you have chosen a simple wedding dress, you may want to mark an accent through your jewelry. In this case, you can afford large accessories to make the balance, be they chandelier earrings or a modern design forearm bracelet. On the other hand, if you will choose between backless or V-neck wedding dresses, you can opt for a chain pendant with a drop on the back. It will look beautiful!

As you can see, the choice of jewelry is almost as important as the dress itself, since these will give the final touch to your wedding style. Now, if you want to also personalize your silver rings, do not forget to check the best phrases of love so that you register them in them.

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